The Best Brand of Headers For Your Chevy

Best Brand of Headers For Your Chevy

If you are considering upgrading your chevy’s exhaust system, you should know about the different brands of headers available. Here are some of the most popular brands: Speedway Motors, Borla, Hedman, and Schoenfeld. You can read about their benefits and features to make a decision. In addition to quality, each of these brands has different prices. So, which one is best for you?

Speedway Motors

A speedway Motors header is a great way to upgrade the sound of your car. They come in different designs that can give your car a more distinct voice. For instance, the Block Hugger/Shorty header is best for vehicles that have low ground clearance. Shorty headers are close to the engine and clear narrow frame rails. Crossover headers are best for small-block Chevy engines.


When it comes to performance exhaust, Borla is the name to remember. These headers are built to increase horsepower and torque throughout the entire RPM range, with a clear tone to match. Their manufacturing facilities span the U.S. car scene from coast to coast, with a plant in Johnson City, Tennessee, employing some of the nation’s best metalworkers. Their Oxnard, California R&D center houses the industry’s most accomplished fabricators and engineers. Throughout the company, you’ll be treated like a true gearhead, and it’s apparent in the quality of their products and their dedication to customer service.


If you’re looking for the best-quality Chevy headers, look no further than Hedman. His mid-length headers are specifically designed to maximize horsepower from big blocks without sacrificing ground clearance. The high-temperature paint he uses on his products enhances the appearance under the hood and protects the block and head outside from corrosion. And, because he’s a well-known brand, Hedman headers are built to withstand high-pressure fuels.


When looking for the best headers for your Chevy, you want to make sure that the manufacturer of the parts you purchase is well known and trusted. For years, Schoenfeld has been creating exhaust components and accessories for all types of engines, including Chevys. This company was founded in 1974, and is still family-owned. They produce performance exhaust products for all types of vehicles and have an impressive line of products to choose from.

Lake Pipes

When it comes to headers, one brand that stands out from the rest is Lake Pipes. These headers are built to order according to the chassis and engine, and they’ve won hundreds of feature races in all types of racing. They’ve also been the choice of top drivers in the World of Outlaws, UMP, USMTS, IMCA, WISSOTA, and NASCAR.

Hooker Headers

If you’re looking for the ultimate performance upgrade for your vehicle, Hooker Headers for Chevy are the way to go. These headers have an extensive line of engine swap headers and front frame mounts and will fit almost any Chevy or Ford engine. Each pair of headers is made to fit perfectly together and add additional horsepower. These headers will increase your car’s horsepower by up to 50 horsepower, so you’ll notice a noticeable difference immediately.

Doug Thorley

There are several reasons to choose Doug Thorley Headers for your Chevy. The company offers the largest selection of headers for Chevrolet pickup trucks and motor homes. These headers are made with high-quality materials and are custom-designed to fit your vehicle perfectly. Each of their models is coated with a Ceramic-Thermal Coating to withstand high temperatures and the elements. This allows the header to absorb up to 40% of engine temperature, promoting greater exhaust velocity.

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