Things Only Experts Know About Auto Car Detailing

Auto Car Detailing

It is common for many car owners to believe that car detailing and car washing are the same thing. But this couldn’t be further from the trust.

Car washing, as the name suggests, is simply that. Car detailing, on the other hand, is an umbrella term for interior/exterior car cleaning, de-scaling, polishing, applying wax, claying, and a lot more.

While a professional detailer is recommended for auto car detailing, a lot of knowledge or experience is not needed to offer cleaning services. Take a look at a few things that you can expect only professional car detailers to know-

1. Ditch the Sponge and Use a Microfiber Mitt

While most car owners use sponges for cleaning their car, a microfiber mitt is a way better choice. The problem with the sponge is that the grit gets embedded into their larger pores. Due to this, the cleaning result will not be as good as you’d expect.

Professional detailers only use microfiber cloths or mitts, often task-specific and color-coded, to reduce the scratching and friction, improve efficiency, and easier washing and drying.

2. Avoid Using Dishwashing Liquid

Most car owners would’ve done this- using dishwashing soap for washing their cars. But what you should know is that dishwashing liquid can be very harsh for the surface of your car. Moreover, it will also clean out the good oils and waxes from the car’s surface.

But if you hire a professional detailer, you’ll see that they always use a mild car washing soap. Rather than damaging the surface of your car, car washing liquid will improve its health and appearance.

3. Polish Only After Removing Small Scratches

You can now easily find car polishing kits online. While quality kits do an exceptional job of making the exteriors of your car shiny, they’re not able to remove scratches. And scratches can easily affect the overall look of your ride.

If you want professional auto car detailing results, ensure that you remove the scratches before polishing. Even if you want to get your car polished from an auto shop, make sure to ask them to remove the scratches first.

Hire Professional Car Detailer for the Best Results

Just like the points discussed in this post, there are several other things that only professional detailers know. If you want the best detailing results, ditch the DIY approach, and look for a reliable mobile car detailing service.

With mobile detailing, the service providers will come to you to provide quality detailing services at affordable prices.

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  1. Avoiding dishwashing liquid like Dawn is definitely the best tip here. It will strip away most wax coatings on a car and do more harm than good. Stick to car shampoo like Meguiars Gold Class or CG Mr Pink – the stuff is cheap and safe to use on wax.

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