CarGuard Administration: Are Vehicle Protections Worth It?

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Vehicle protection plans are those necessary things that are not fully appreciated until they are needed. With a vehicle protection plan, drivers and car owners are assured of insurance coverage on or off the road.

According to the Insurance Research Council, only about 12% of motorists did not have insurance in 2019. This is equivalent to one out of eight uninsured drivers–not a huge number but still a source of concern.

According to CarGuard Administration, motorists should always have insurance coverage, whether or not their car is on the road. It also pays to have extended coverage to ensure enough protection where the basic vehicle insurance stops. This can be achieved through a vehicle protection plan.

What are Vehicle Protection Plans?

A vehicle protection plan is a type of extended vehicle insurance that is added on top of the primary or limited coverage already purchased.

The purpose of vehicle protection plans is to provide enough protection for damages that may be incurred that are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

Third-party companies or dealerships provide vehicle protection plans but function as insurance policies. With one such plan, motorists enjoy coverage against the cost of repairs if their car is damaged.

To obtain a vehicle protection plan, car owners must pay extra for such coverage. This is why many motorists hesitate about obtaining an extended plan because they often view it as an additional expense.

A vehicle protection plan may require payment for an extra cost, but it offers much more, particularly in protecting the vehicle and giving the car owner much-needed peace of mind.

Peace of mind for drivers is the top priority for CarGuard Administration; that’s why they provide affordable protection plans for drivers of all cars.

What are the Benefits of Having a Vehicle Protection Plan?

A vehicle protection plan includes a contract outlining what services are provided, the type of damages covered, and which specific repairs are allowed. CarGuard Administration offers many different kinds of plans for different drivers and cars.

As expected, vehicle protection plans vary, depending on the provider and the plan purchased. In general, some plans offer bumper-to-bumper coverage, similar to factory or manufacturer warranty coverage, and some cover just the bare essentials.

With a vehicle protection plan, a car owner can rely on coverage that will take over after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Even vehicle protection plans allow car owners to pay only their deductible/s for any covered repair.

They can also rely on protection even after the specified mileage covered by the factory warranty is reached.

Insured car owners also have the option to have their vehicles serviced by their chosen repair shop. On top of that, vehicle protection plans also offer extra coverage, such as roadside assistance, trip interruption, and rental car protection.

Some companies even allow vehicle protection plans to be fully transferred to secondary buyers.

Are Vehicle Protection Plans Worth It?

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The most important thing to consider before buying a vehicle protection plan is whether or not your car is at risk of damage that a basic insurance plan will not cover.

It is also a good idea to consider if your vehicle brand and make are reliable enough not to require repairs later. Of course, like most insurance plans, having a vehicle protection plan does not always mean you will use the total value.

However, there is always that chance that a vehicle protection plan will be worth its price and even more in case your car will need repairs later. Many CarGuard Administration customers have seen their plan come into play, saying it’s worth the price.

Remember that putting a price on protection, mainly regarding vehicles, is tricky. Some factors will come into play when assessing how healthy a plan can be regarding its dollar value. A basic plan will provide coverage now, but you must consider what to do once that policy expires.

Are You Covered 100%?

No single plan will cover 100% of the cost of vehicle repairs. Insurance policies have requirements that must be met before repairs are approved for coverage.

This is to be expected to ensure that insurance companies are protected against high repairs, fraud, and abuse costs. This is one of the reasons why insurance companies impose certain restrictions, such as a waiting period.

A waiting period is a time that has to pass (usually 30 days) before a vehicle protection plan is considered active. With this in place, the insurance company can protect itself from car owners who might want to take advantage of insurance for pre-existing damage.

Vehicle protection plan policies from CarGuard Administration and other vehicle service contract providers carry deductibles, and there are exclusions and conditions that must be met.

However, having an extended warranty can help alleviate the stress of paying out-of-pocket. Remember that preparing for such emergencies guarantees you can free yourself from worries later.

Why It’s Worth It

With vehicle protection plans, you are assured that your costs will be covered when it comes to repairs your car will require in the future if it is damaged. An extended plan will provide you with a buffer against the high cost of repairs that the coverage from the factory or manufacturer is no longer active.

Car owners can also enjoy more flexible coverage through different plans to meet client needs and requirements. With most manufacturer-provided plans, car owners only have a few.

Extended warranties also come at lower costs, and there are more options for deductibles, allowing car owners to find one that matches their requirements and budget.

On top of that, vehicle protection plans offer more options in terms of the choice of repair shops. As long as the repair facility is certified, car owners can choose from trusted local shops, national repair chains, and dealerships.

Do You Need Better Protection?

CarGuard Administration was founded in 2015 and has become a leading provider of coverage for car owners. Their vehicle protection plans are considered some of the most comprehensive and reliable in the industry.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, CarGuard Administration has offices across the country to provide timely and accurate service to their clients regardless of location.

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